Driving home yesterday morning I realized where our autumns hide — Virginia! Nothing like the upper Midwest, mind you, but the colors there, even this late in the season, far outshine anything we get in NC. I also realized how fun it is to drive behind a tractor trailer carrying a harvested cotton “module“… as if a giant stuffed bear was travelling ahead of me, unbeknownst to him that his stuffing was gradually coming out in little snowy poofs along the highway! (Four-plus hours alone in the car requires a lot of personal entertainment.)

This floral skeleton is from our yard. A pretty little star, don’t you think?

There are only a handful of days until the arrival of my husband’s parents, his sister and her two little girls. For their cross-country roadtrip we are very grateful!

This weekend is about doing as much as we can in advance to make the most of their short visit. Much house-spiffing is in order and, more importantly, filling the kitchen with various components of our seven-person feast. The smoked turkey legs + wings tradition continues, to be matched with the cocoa chilli mole of 2015. For sides we’re cooking du marché, or “of the market,” as the French would say — taking inspiration from the freshest, best-looking produce at the local markets instead of deciding on recipes ahead of time.

Do you have a similar weekend in the works, or something else entirely? Here’s to productivity, plus maybe some snow for those of you in the north, and don’t miss the links + updates below!

Cheers, Heather

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