Only a couple of days ago our world was a glistening snow globe. Then the air warmed pleasantly, bringing a torrent of rain + wind as a strange January thunderstorm electrified the night sky.

Under today’s thick cover of low grey clouds we braced ourselves against the damp chill with steamy miso soup — redolent of smoky bonito + rich yellow miso, soft tofu cubes are vibrantly set off by deep green wakame, spinach ribbons + shaved scallion. These bowls are keepers.

Perhaps to further bolster ourselves for the dreary weather, we went a bit nuts at the markets this morning, and are planning several big kitchen projects. The first comes at the request of my pre-birthday husband: un gâteau mille crêpes — a French cake of a thousand crêpes. I couldn’t promise the full 1,000, but I did promise him alternating layers of dark chocolate sauce + homemade strawberry jam.

What are your plans for this mid-January weekend? Has the sun taken his holiday from us to spend it with you? Either way, hope it’s terrific, and don’t miss my stellar new links + updates from the past week below.

Cheers, Heather

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