Early this week the world lost a kind, generous man who found the good in everyone + every situation. By way of the Alaskan frontier to South Dakota to Wisconsin, a photographer, woodworker, storyteller, I-can-do-anything extraordinaire. Truly one in a million, we know he’s making Heaven a brighter, happier place.

We love you + miss you, Grandpa M. 14 January 28 – 15 January 2018

We also celebrated my husband’s birthday. Our preference is that such occasions pass quietly (or very preferably, abroad!), but offset the lack of fanfare with a week-long staccato of specially created recipes. On Thursday he requested takeout from a new Caribbean restaurant + his ritual birthday cake: a humble homemade angel food.

This year I riffed on my maple cinnamon AFC with baklava-inspired flavors: cinnamon stick + clove infused honey, cardamom + orange blossom water. So, after an evening of Jamaican curry gravy chicken, thick fried plantainsackee with salt cod (of course popcorn too) came wedges of cake cut so generously as to barely fit on the plates. No topping, no adornments, and yet, our version of birthday-perfect.

Check out the latest links + updates below, and remember that old or new, ordinary or exceptional, each memory is special. Cherish every one this weekend!

Cheers, Heather

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