A harmless string of thoughts in conversation to one can be a jarringly sharp left hook to another. An invisible sucker punch that snatches your breath away.

Ever get flattened by words? Yeah, and as good-intentioned as they may have been, I find it difficult to quickly, fully stand back up again. What helps you?

On the topic of words, a return to my regularly-scheduled work travel meant filling the lonely hotel room void with reading. Two weeks, two remarkable novels I have very high praise for: The Book Thief + Lilac Girls. (Thanks, Jane!) My next two books are on hold from Overdrive, and I’d love to know what you’re enjoying lately.

Rainy here so far this weekend, but at least we’re both back home to snuggle up inside with our cat goofs! Made a Provençal pissaladiere pizza last night, with plans for burgers tonight + swordfish steaks tomorrow. Hope yours is equally as cozy + delicious, and don’t miss the latest updates + links below.

Cheers, Heather

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • Glaucoma is a leading cause of vision loss + blindness worldwide,  currently affecting more than 3 million people in the US alone. If detected before noticeable vision loss occurs, further, more severe losses may be prevented. Help raise awareness + talk to family members who may be at risk.
  • #NationalChocolateCakeDay
  • Don’t miss the first blue supermoon lunar eclipse since 1866 — coming to a sky near you this Wednesday!
  • A cruciverbalist is me.
  • We’ve probably all misused at least one of these idioms once or twice.
  • One of my new favorite IG feeds: @googleartsculture.
  • This week’s pinned words of wisdom are actually calming notes.

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