Capricious and cunning a character as she may be, I believe Mother Earth is listening in with good intentions.

Last Friday I recounted a story to my parents about our ospreys, lamenting the fact that it was likely they finally gave up on repairing and rebuilding the nest in the wetlands behind our house. Yesterday, after an almost eight-month absence (yes, I keep track), a male appeared, perched on a high branch of a a dead tree near the nest, snacking lazily for an hour and a half on an impressively sizable fish. At first light this morning, he and his female companion were in the nest, tidying up.

And then there was the crocus conundrum last month. In all of the previous Februarys, in spite of rare snowfall and bitter cold, the stalwart bulbs pushed through the soil and pine straw to boost morale with brilliant yellow blossoms. Not this year. I asked, why was this winter different? Had this year’s ice lasted too long? Not one week later a strong windstorm blew the branches of their neighboring shrubs to one side, revealing the crocuses in full bloom.

The way of things is returning to normal. More realistically these were happy coincidences instead of natural intervention, but you never know — spring might arrive sooner with a nudging thought or two! Keep heart and keep hope.

In the meantime, here’s a virtual tin of warm Swedish cinnamon knots from me to you and yours. Snuggle up, light the fire or a bunch of candles, then scroll down to click through my links + updates from the past week.

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deb Hansen says:

    I’m happy to hear that the ospreys are back and the crocuses have appeared (albeit in a slightly different location). Love the cinnamon knots, they look delicious! Doesn’t the Mary Poppins movie look great? I like the idea of the plant-based Legos, don’t you? And science keeps getting more and more interesting. Hope you find more migrating crocuses!

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