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I am, we are, Midwesterners in our hearts. But even the stoutest stalwarts for a properly cold, snowy winter could not fail to appreciate + revel in this soul-fortifying warmth well ahead of schedule.

Ushered in under cover of dense fog every morning this week, straight off the Atlantic and smelling sweetly of the sea, a new season is at our doorstep.

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Banana Bread Granola

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

I believe in the miracle of kind, unexpected gestures — to forge relationships, to build community, to create good will. Especially satisfying are those made with our two hands.

This simple granola recipe is a great excuse to not only flood the kitchen with the sweet aromas of banana bread, a hint of spice amid toasty oats + walnuts, but also to extend a special + nourishing act of kindness. Plan to at least double the batch.

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From the Author

Brightly colored light lunch cobbled together earlier this week to offset a characteristically February temperature retreat.

Simmered carrot bits that had been frozen for safe keeping with cubes of tofu in the ginger-garlic broth reserved from our Hainanese chicken rice adventure. Blended until creamy-frothy then served with charred pickled okra + cilantro leaves for texture + color. For how simple + last-minute this was, a surprising hit!

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Setting the Table, Setting the Mood

Eat Well From the Author Live Well

Being Valentine’s Day, I’m detouring to explore a different kind of appetite: the history + science of aphrodisiac foods.

Derived from Aphrodite — born from the sea foam, rising up nude, a fully grown woman — the term ‘aphrodisiac’ may have originated as a reference to the seduced followers of this Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure + procreation. Over time the term became associated with ingredients said to increase desire, some merely by powers of suggestion (ahem, asparagus, banana + eggplant).

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate. ― Alan D. Wolfelt

While scant evidence exists to confirm that certain foods actually boost libido, stripping down the research reveals that many of the so-called aphrodisiacs contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes or fatty acids vital to sexual + reproductive health. Others are rich in nutrients that interact with neurotransmitters + endorphins in our brains, with blood flow, with hormone levels — all required by the body to promote feelings of mental, emotional + physical arousal.

Grab a cool glass of water + your meal planner, and read on for an intimate look at my top ten really good mood foods — plus sweet + savory recipes to celebrate each.

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