Prior to our initial session, you will be asked to complete the New Client Questionnaire and Food Diary + Frequency Questionnaire, and email both to within 2 business days of your scheduled appointment date. These will give me a deeper understanding of who you are and what matters most to you, and allow you to come away with a clear plan for moving forward.

I also ask that you sign both the Coaching Agreement and HIPAA Notice indicating that you have read and understand the policies and terms of working with me. These can be returned via email along with the two questionnaires. All four forms will be emailed to you after scheduling of services.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

What to Expect

Initial session. The initial session is our opportunity to get acquainted, but mostly I’m here to listen. This is all about YOU — your goals, your life. After all, there’s no better person to champion your health and wellness than you.

+ We’ll discuss your needs, come up with realistic plans that reflect your goals, and talk about how to incorporate these into your daily routine.

+ Within a few days I’ll provide a session summary, as well as any additional resources I believe might benefit you (e.g., recipes, pantry list, articles). With these new plans and knowledge, you’ll be on the path to achieving your nutrition and wellness goals!

* * * *

Follow-up session. Follow-up sessions are highly recommended to ensure your success, and can be scheduled as many times as you need.

+ These sessions offer you the ability to ask questions once you’ve had a chance to take the first steps, and offer me a chance to provide practical guidance and inspiration to help you stay motivated.

+ During these sessions we can also troubleshoot any roadblocks that may have come up, reflect on progress, and set new goals.

* * * *

Coaching bundles. Bundles include 1 initial (60-minute) session and a selected number of follow-ups (30-minute), as well as email support between sessions. You can drop a note or question, or share an update as needed. If you need more time between sessions, we can schedule an additional weekly 15-minute phone check-in.

+ These bundled options are specifically designed to help you lean into your life and dig deeper. This is truly the best way to achieve AND maintain your goals.

+ We’ll hone in on the nutrition and wellness areas most important to you, focusing on small, steady changes with plenty of room to tweak things as we go along. Through ongoing support and accountability, you’ll gain the confidence and independence needed to maintain your new healthy habits for a lifetime!

+ I recommend that follow-up sessions be scheduled no more than 3 weeks apart, unless an alternate schedule is previously agreed upon. This is simply to give you time to begin working on your goals, see progress, identify any potential barriers, and have a schedule for following up with me.

* * * *

Session Format. The agenda for our sessions will be mostly client-driven and coach-supported. You are the expert on you, and therefore know best what we should focus on and which goals to set. As your coach I’ll guide you through the process of becoming healthier — ready with inspiration, motivation, recipes, insights, a compassionate ear — whatever you need.

+ Please come prepared to sessions with updates, progress, and any challenges you may be facing.

+ One-on-one coaching sessions are currently available through phone and Internet-based applications (Skype or Google Chat/Hangout), giving you the flexibility to schedule a session at a time and place that works for you — nationwide! At the time of our appointment you will be responsible for calling or initiating the Skype or Google Chat/Hangout to begin.

+ Both Skype and Google Chat/Hangout are free services that allow individuals to chat face-to-face through the computer, smartphone or tablet. You must have a Skype or Google/Gmail account to use these services. If you do not have an account, signing up for either service is free, safe and secure. Please use the appropriate link to register an account for Skype or Google.

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