Creating life and bringing a new little person into this world is an incredible miracle.

At every stage of motherhood, a nutritious diet and positive lifestyle choices are of the utmost importance. Even months before you conceive, your body is working hard to create a healthy environment to grow a baby.

Think of it this way: For a garden to flourish, a gardener must cultivate the soil, nurturing her seedlings as they develop and grow. For conception and a healthy pregnancy, a woman must prepare her body and mind, eating and living in ways that nourish both her baby and herself.

If you’re planning a baby within the next few months — or even year — now is the time to put down healthy roots and make your health priority number one. Optimal nutrition and wellness is vital for maximizing fertility and promoting a healthy pregnancy.

If you’re already pregnant, nurturing a new bundle of joy, or breastfeeding, proper self-care and nourishment are incredibly necessary and important. Working toward better habits can help make you and baby healthier — now and for the rest of your lives.


    • Eating for fertility
    • Preparing yourself (and your partner) for conception
    • Focusing on specific nutrient needs for each trimester
    • Avoiding or alleviating common pregnancy discomforts
    • Finding peace and relaxation during the excitement of pregnancy
    • Maintaining healthy prenatal weight gain
    • Ensuring adequate nutrition for singles + multiples
    • Exercising safely during pregnancy to keep you fit and prepare you for labor
    • Nurturing and revitalizing yourself after delivery
    • Nutrition to support lactation
    • Achieving a healthy postpartum weight

Putting the emphasis on you and your health isn’t selfish. If you want to pass on the gift of health to your littles, you first need to give it to yourself! I’m ready to help you get started.

Coaching Options

Please take a moment to read through the Client Information page for more details about the options and format of sessions.

I currently offer 4 Maternal Coaching bundle options: Bump to Baby, Premiere, Booster, and Jumpstart. Each bundle consists of 1 initial session (60 minutes) and at least 3 follow-up sessions (30 minutes), plus email support between sessions. This is the best way to achieve and maintain your goals.

Not quite ready to commit to a bundle? We can begin with the 60-minute initial session, and add follow-up sessions when needed. Follow-ups are highly recommended to ensure your success, and can be scheduled as many times as you wish.

If you’re motivated to connect further and really dig in, we can upgrade at any time to one of the bundles!



Bump to Baby
(18% savings)
(15% savings)
(10% savings)
(5% savings)
1 initial session +
11 follow-up sessions
(see notes below for detail)
1 initial session +
8 follow-up sessions
1 initial session +
5 follow-up sessions
1 initial session +
3 follow-up sessions
Email support between
Email support between
Email support between
Email support between


Initial Session
Follow-Up Session
per session
per session
One 60-minute session
One 30-minute session
Email support between
Bump to Baby Bundle

The most inclusive bundle offered is Bump to Baby, consisting of 12 sessions: 1 initial session and 11 follow-up sessions. This coaching bundle allows us to work together throughout your entire pregnancy, and is designed to be flexible, as your needs may change from month to month.

In the 1st trimester my suggestion is to schedule 1 session per month, with no more than 3 weeks between sessions. In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, you may find that certain months are more challenging than others, or you begin to feel the need simply to check in more frequently — we will schedule accordingly.

+ If we begin working together further along in your pregnancy, we can either schedule sessions more frequently, or we can continue meeting into the postpartum period. If we meet for all 12 sessions prior to delivery and you wish to meet more, additional sessions will be available at a reduced rate.

+ If you’re planning a baby, I recommend we begin working together 3 to 4 months prior to the time you wish to conceive. This will ensure that you (and your partner) are at your best for what’s to come. We can start by scheduling 2 sessions per month (or more, if you wish), and use the remaining sessions as needed. If we meet for all 12 sessions and you wish to continue meeting, additional sessions will be available at a reduced rate.

Let's get started today!