Gingered Blueberry-Mulberry Crisp (GF)

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Come summertime, blueberries are royalty in North Carolina. Deep navy berries weigh down nearly every branch of these bountiful high-bush varietals. Cup your hand up and around a ripened bunch to gently, effortlessly dislodge 10 or more berries in one grab, letting them tumble down into one of your waiting baskets.

Mulberry trees, though more prevalent in our home state of Wisconsin than here, are equally as prolific. If not more so. Foraging, conversely, is very tedious. A ladder is needed, and given the limited range of which one can safely stretch atop this lofty perch, re-positioning multiple times is also required. It’s no simple task. Painstaking, even, but if you ask me, worth every minute and bead of sweat as you pluck individual berries in the early summer heat.

Turning from white to fuchsia to the darkest purple when fully ripe, mulberries resemble blackberries in both appearance and seedy texture. If you’ve never tasted one, the flavor is similar to their fig cousins, with subtle floral notes of pear and citrus in the background.

There’s also a touch of bitterness behind the layers of sweet mulberry flavor. Here, beneath a crunchy oat-nut blanket, juicy blueberries and spice notes of cinnamon + fresh and dried ginger offer balance.

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Maple Cinnamon Angel Food Cake

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

In my husband’s eyes, there are only two kinds of cake.

Without even asking I know his responses to “what do you want to celebrate our anniversary?” and “what’s your birthday dessert wish?” For the first: flourless dark chocolate. For the second: angel food. Always.

Angel food batter

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Cocoa-Dusted Espresso Blondies

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

We’re knee-deep in holiday merry-making, all the while adjusting to our tiny new ball of fur. I can’t think of a better time to share these blondies.

Espresso and homemade coffee liqueur provide a double dose of caffeine, and a generous dusting of dark, rich cocoa powder is a beautiful flourish. Festive and fortifying all at once!

Cocoa espresso blondies_HGN

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Banana-Coconut Bread (GF)

Eat Well

The landscape and weather here transforms overnight. Beige and dry for months, cool, even cold, days keep knee-high boots, sweaters and scarves on heavy rotation. Then one morning you wake to view an entirely fresh canvas awash with color, summer-like temperatures and routine rain or thunderstorms. There’s no in-between time.

That’s just springtime in the south.

As an antidote to much warmer days and so much grey sogginess, I’ve been looking to brighter flavors and lighter ingredients. With the recent holiday and memories of family fresh in my mind, something comforting and home-y seemed appropriate. And so, a new recipe for banana bread flowed forth.

My affection for banana bread began early, enjoying thick slices of intensely moist and rich banana bread, still hot from the oven because we couldn’t wait to let it cool. Every family has their own recipe it seems, passed through the generations, and my mom’s is certainly up there with the best. It is created with love, and, as most are, lots of butter and lots of sugar.

I’ve made hers many times and, more recently, created this healthier, lighter and still very delicious version of my own.

Banana Coconut Bread_pan

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