Rosy Pink Applesauce, a Quick Small-Batch

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Quand il me prend dans ses bras,
When he takes me into his arms,
Il me parle tout bas,
He speaks to me in a soft voice
Je vois la vie en rose.
I see life in pink.

— Edith Piaf, “La vie en rose

Cooking + mashing red-skinned apples makes the prettiest sauce. Gently blushing pink, there’s something very heartening about it. Je vois la vie en rose.

Perhaps unsurprising then to learn that apples are actually part of the rose family, Rosaceae. And while they may be common by today’s standards, the ancient Greeks considered apples symbols of beauty, intertwining the shapely fruits with matters of love. To wit: An apple caught by one lover from another signified the acceptance of a marriage proposal.

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Three Salads for Your Holiday Table

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Just one short week stands between us and the string of winter holidays beginning with Thanksgiving. As the planning commences, why not consider adding a salad to your menus?

This time of the year, when the days darken and the chill creeps in, I find the striking colors and flavors of the season to be an even more important part of the mealtime ritual — a kind of physical and mental reinvigoration. Beginning with good quality fresh, seasonal ingredients, these recipes offer balance and lightness to otherwise heavy meals. Not only that, each on its own is a balance of flavors, colors and textures, and could stand as a light lunch as well.

Show your festive tables and your guests a little extra love these holidays with something beautiful and healthy!

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Harvest Apple Chai Muffins

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Autumn is my season, and back home in the Wisconsin, it’s the most splendid season of all.

One of the traditions I miss most is driving north along country roads to the rolling, tree-dotted hills of The Little Farmer Orchard in Pipe. Rows and rows of apple trees as far as the eye can see. Twisted branches stretching skyward like gnarly fingers, each drooping slightly under the weight of juicy, white-fleshed Cortlands. A dazzling display of autumnal beauty.

Memories of these orchard afternoons are always on my mind come October. An apple-y sweet does nicely to satisfy some of the nostalgic longings. Traditionally this is an apple crisp with vanilla and lots of walnuts, but this year I dreamed up a spiced multi-grain apple muffin instead. (There’s still plenty of apple season to bake a tray of that crisp.)

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Salad-ing with the Seasons

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Salads as meals are often relegated to the warmer months, when “traditional” ingredients are at their peak. I love a plate piled high with tender greens, juicy tomatoes and crisp cucumber, or fresh berries and herbs, or sweet corn and stone fruit. Refreshing and light on a hot summer’s day.

I also love, maybe even prefer, salads this time of year and into winter for the opportunity to bulk them up, and to explore alternative greens, protein sources and grains. With autumn and winter also comes some of my favorite produce items. Visit a local farmers market or grocery this weekend and you’re apt to see mountains of colorful squashes, beets, cabbages, root veg, dark leafy greens, pears, apples, persimmons, pomegranates, nuts.

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”
–Henry David Thoreau

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