Mole Marrón

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Mexican mole is a sauce with a big, complicated personality.

With an elaborate combination of toasting, grinding + slow-simmering upwards of 40 ingredients, the flavors of mole are unsurprisingly deep + complex. Made with dried chiles, aromatic veg, spices + herbs, often bittersweet chocolate or cocoa, and ground nuts or seeds to thicken (but also sometimes stale bread, plantain or tomatoes), it is an extraordinary blend of earthy, smoky, sweet and spicy.

Some believe mole comes from the Spanish word moler, meaning “to grind.” Others believe it’s derived from the Nahuatl, or Aztec, word molli, meaning “mixture” or simply, “sauce.” Seven classic variations of the sauce reign in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, where mole is said to be the culinary symbol.

For us, it’s come to say Thanksgiving.

Mole sauce

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Mondo Butter

Eat Well Edibles

Why commit to a single nut or seed for butter when you can have six in one?

Sweet cashews offset the mildly tannic walnuts. Macadamias are a rich splurge in all senses of the word, but they are so smooth and buttery, perfect for blending. Sesame adds its distinctive (and ironic) “nuttiness,” flax offers that hippie-earthy vibe, and because sunflower seeds can come off as bitter to some, a small amount adds to the creaminess and nutrition.

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Supporting Postpartum and Nursing Moms + Pumpkin Granola

Eat Well Edibles Mums + Mums-to-Be Recipe

As it turns out, practically everyone around us recently welcomed or is expecting a new addition to their families. What an incredible blessing to be surrounded by all these tiny fingers and toes and tummies and sweet faces!

Working in clinical, community and private settings over the years, I’ve helped many expectant and new moms and their babies with issues ranging from prenatal nutrition and pregnancy complications to postpartum weight loss and breastfeeding. It’s truly a passion, and now more than ever the work that excites and challenges me professionally also allows me to be a resource and champion for my loved ones. I am beyond delighted.

pumpkin granola_pre-bake

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