Shortcut Ravioli with Peas, Spinach, Mint and Ricotta + Brown Butter Spinach Pan Sauce

Eat Well Edibles Grow Well Recipe

If homemade ravioli seems intimidating, it’s time to check the kitchen project off your list.

With a clever shortcut, the time and effort are practically cut in half, and with a little imagination, the flavor possibilities are endless — but this green on green on green ricotta combination, served with more greens and brown butter, is dang good.

Minty pea ravioli_open

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Asparagus Ribbon Pizza with Ricotta and Lemon

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Almost as soon as it arrives, the spring asparagus is gone. With knowledge of their fleeting presence, bowl after plate after slice featuring the tender green spears is all I seem to crave. Over the past few weeks, we’ve lingered over many such meals.

If you’re an Instagram follower you’re probably familiar with my #fridaynightpizza hashtag. Yes, we enjoy pizza once a week, preferably with a big glass of wine to accompany it. It’s almost too simple to blog about, but this pie was such a hit I had to share before the short-lived asparagus season comes to a close.

Asparagus pizza mise en place

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Summer Squash Ribbons with Sage and Manchego

Eat Well Edibles Grow Well Recipe

Many a summer lunch or light supper is built from what we pick from the garden or what’s beautiful at the farm stands, celebrating the fresh food and flavors this season of plenty has to offer. And now is the time for the slender, thin-skinned squashes to shine as brightly as their golden yellows and vibrant greens do in the hot sun.

I have a particular affinity for the yellow summer squash — so pleasant, there’s little need to fuss beyond slicing.

Summer squash salad_HGN
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