Almond Ginger Coconut Macaroons

Eat Well

For 99% of the year I am firmly set in a rhythm of predawn wake-ups — obssesed with watching the sun rise — and tucked inbed weellllll before midnight. The other one percent I trade my stalking of daybreak for inky nighttime skies when the moon puts on a remarkably super show.

November’s full “Beaver/Frost” moon earlier in the week was the second of three consecutive supermoons of this year. The supermoon occurs when a new or full moon is at its closest approach to Earth in orbit — normally a distance of about 238,900 miles, the gap narrowed on Monday by more than 17,000 miles. A phenomenon not seen for 68 years!

In addition to being closer and brighter, the full supermoon is a fittingly autumnal amber upon rising, then fades to the usual buttery white as it climbs higher. Though dense, low cloud cover obstructed my views on Monday and Tuesday, I did catch a glimpse of the creamy, almost-full giant as it set behind a stand of tall loblolly pines early Sunday morning.

Maybe it was sleep deprivation, but my mind wandered as I watched, conjuring visions of golden coconut macaroons. Perfectly domed and big enough to fill the palm of my hand. #superm[acar]oons

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Step One: Admit the Problem + Step Two: Make Tipsy Strawberry Coco-Cream

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

If there’s one thing I truly love, it’s good, fresh, healthy food. Particularly when the ingredients are locally-grown, supporting the community’s economy, ecosystem and farmers.

When a drive last week took me past the “now picking”sign at my favorite berry patch, I had to stop and say hello, because, yes, they know me well. (And by now you know I have a problem, and can guess where this is going.)

First berries-Carol Sue's_HGN

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Banana-Coconut Bread (GF)

Eat Well

The landscape and weather here transforms overnight. Beige and dry for months, cool, even cold, days keep knee-high boots, sweaters and scarves on heavy rotation. Then one morning you wake to view an entirely fresh canvas awash with color, summer-like temperatures and routine rain or thunderstorms. There’s no in-between time.

That’s just springtime in the south.

As an antidote to much warmer days and so much grey sogginess, I’ve been looking to brighter flavors and lighter ingredients. With the recent holiday and memories of family fresh in my mind, something comforting and home-y seemed appropriate. And so, a new recipe for banana bread flowed forth.

My affection for banana bread began early, enjoying thick slices of intensely moist and rich banana bread, still hot from the oven because we couldn’t wait to let it cool. Every family has their own recipe it seems, passed through the generations, and my mom’s is certainly up there with the best. It is created with love, and, as most are, lots of butter and lots of sugar.

I’ve made hers many times and, more recently, created this healthier, lighter and still very delicious version of my own.

Banana Coconut Bread_pan

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