Pola Pola Kolačiči (Croatian “Half + Half Cookies”)

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Each year I hold on to our family tradition of exploring the foods of a different culture during the holidays, and Pola Pola Kolačiči is a new recipe on its way to becoming an old classic.

These Croatian cookies (kolačiči) take jammy thumbprints to the next level: One half (pola) studded with poppy seeds, the other half (pola) bathed in espresso + glistening with cinnamon sugar. Where the two meet, a dot of pear cardamom butter — a favorite wintry flavor pair — adds a little something extra. Plus, of course, all the crumbly, buttery goodness you expect of a Christmas cookie.

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French Press Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate + Coffee Ice Cubes

Drinkables Eat Well Edibles Recipe

All but silent in the summer, the blue jays are banding together in family units to (noisily) mark feeding territories and prepare for the lean months. The morning air is filled with their chorus of whirrs and whistles, jeers and gurgles. Some are put off by these yammering hoarders. I’m actually quite partial to their presence as a nod to our Midwest home and to the coming change of seasons.

To the less bird-aware, a more easily recognized sign is the later rise and earlier setting of the sun. These harbingers are more prevalent with every passing week, hinting that crisp, clear days are on the horizon. Though here, the hints are only in my dreams, and it’s still really hot. Really, annoyingly, hot.

Seeing that our temperatures aren’t Autumnal in the slightest, cold-brew coffee over ice is a must.

FP cold-brew split

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Cocoa-Dusted Espresso Blondies

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

We’re knee-deep in holiday merry-making, all the while adjusting to our tiny new ball of fur. I can’t think of a better time to share these blondies.

Espresso and homemade coffee liqueur provide a double dose of caffeine, and a generous dusting of dark, rich cocoa powder is a beautiful flourish. Festive and fortifying all at once!

Cocoa espresso blondies_HGN

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