Spicy 4-Seed Gingerbread Bites

Eat Well

Among the flavors that, for me, evoke nostalgia for the holidays, cinnamon and ginger dominate. The cozy-spicy duo is hard to beat — any time of the year — and even more so when the two merge in gooey, intense gingerbread bites with other warming spices, sticky dates, a hint of orange, plus four types of seeds.

I’m sharing these today not just to prolong my love of the winter season, but also because the ingredients show some serious love to your heart for American Heart Month.

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Golden (Milk) Bites

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Early this week we felt the first hint of autumn. Moody grey skies gave way to intense winds and ominous storm clouds. Behind those a dramatic chill, seeing 30s at sunrise, afternoons barely doubling. Suffice it to say, the extra blankets came out and slippers went on. Nevermind that it’s 70 now — as soon as the nights lengthen, rainy grey days are on heavy rotation and the air changes from crisp to cool, even once, warm drinks make their delicious return to my kitchen.

There is nothing like a mug of something hot and creamy to comfort and calm. Golden milk, a new staple for me, is particularly welcome of late. The combination of turmeric, cardamom, ginger and coconut offers a richly warming quality that wards off the nip and lifts my spirits. It gave me an idea to make it a hand-held nibble, adding a few nutrient bonuses, for maximum enjoyment on the hoof.

With a vibrant autumnal hue flecked with those same grounding spices, these tote-able beauties are fresh and bright, and taste just like the drink that inspired them. Kids and adults, golden milk newbies and aficionados alike are sure to approve. (And they give a nod to new flickering faces on neighborhood doorsteps.)

Golden (milk) bites in teapot_HGN

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A Natural, Nourishing Pick-Me-Up + Lemon Poppy Seed Bites

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Lately, I am compelled to stash homemade energy bites everywhere: a couple in my purse as I head off for the day, one or two in the car console for longer bouts in the car, several in the refrigerator and a bag of “backups” safely stashed away in the freezer.

One can never be too prepared.

You see, these new longer work and travel days coupled with home and volunteer commitments can leave me struggling with fatigue. A big glass of water to re-hydrate is often all it takes, but other times my body wants more. Having something quick and wholesome on hand for such moments is key.

My gooey-chewy lemon poppy seed bites do just that. The crunchy poppies on top are an unexpected twist, and then there’s that big zing from a double dose of lemon. They definitely satisfy my craving.

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