Rx Ruby Red Grapefruit Sorbet

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

It started with a tickle.

One bloodshot eye. Two. Pressure behind the bridge of the nose. Voice wavering between a scratchy lower octave and a breathy Marilyn Monroe-ish pitch.

The inevitable finally happened. After everything The Old North State has thrown at me in the past half-dozen years — hurricanes and tropical storms, dogged heat and humidity, countless bites from (insert insect type here), total annihilation of my crops in a curious array of manners — I succumbed. Southern. Allergies.

Humans, like other animals, have two hardwired coping mechanisms to adverse situations: evolve, or adjust behavior. Evolution miiiight take a while, so it’s prescription food to the rescue.

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Citrus Medley Marmalade

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

The entrance to 2015 brought the first doses of winter to our stretch of coastline in North Carolina. A shock after the near-80-degree highs on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

With mornings now breaking cold and windy comes a desire to linger over steaming mugs of milky coffee and crumpets we baked over the weekend. Just right to spread on top — a tangy, tart trio of pink grapefruit, orange and lemon.

Three citrus_HGN

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Fruited Yogurt Oat Mini Muffins

Eat Well Recipe

The back to school mania passes by largely unnoticed in our family of two plus cat.

Though its arrival is still much anticipated for cheap office supplies, an ebbing tide of tourists in our coastal town, and the fact that autumn is beginning to loosen the hot, sweaty grip of summer.

While I miss the days when school was part of my own routine, I’m content at the moment to relish these simple joys.

TIB dune

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