Rosy Pink Applesauce, a Quick Small-Batch

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Quand il me prend dans ses bras,
When he takes me into his arms,
Il me parle tout bas,
He speaks to me in a soft voice
Je vois la vie en rose.
I see life in pink.

— Edith Piaf, “La vie en rose

Cooking + mashing red-skinned apples makes the prettiest sauce. Gently blushing pink, there’s something very heartening about it. Je vois la vie en rose.

Perhaps unsurprising then to learn that apples are actually part of the rose family, Rosaceae. And while they may be common by today’s standards, the ancient Greeks considered apples symbols of beauty, intertwining the shapely fruits with matters of love. To wit: An apple caught by one lover from another signified the acceptance of a marriage proposal.

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North Indian Rajma (Punjab-Style Kidney Bean Masala Stew)

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

The cuisine of the Northern Indian region of Punjab is often rich and hearty, always bold in every sense: taste, texture, colors, aromas. Rustic yet lavish dishes are cooked in ways that incorporate strong ingredients like onion, ginger and garlic with generous, but precise, amounts of spices to enhance and perfectly balance the flavors.

Among the best-known Punjabi dishes are channa masala, various veg + non-veg versions of tikka korma, and my favoritebaigan bharta. It’s also believed that tandoor cooking, and thus, tandoori chicken, originated here.

Digging deeper, I made a surprisingly excellent discovery — a darkhorse in the vast Indian menu that quickly won our hearts and minds. And stomachs.

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Cardamom Pear Butter

Eat Well Edibles Grow Well Recipe

As is the case much of the time, the story of this recipe begins with a produce bargain (my shopping vice). Bags of perfectly “imperfect” late season Bartlett pears, their yellow-green skin blushing to red, with juicy-sweet flesh underneath.

I do this every year with both Bartletts and Boscs. And every year, after all possible ways of eating them fresh are exhausted, the final few get to hang out in the spa. Lucky them, luckier us.

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