Jewel-Toned Summer’s End Salad

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When you read this my mom and sister will have just flown in from Wisconsin to stay with us for five nights. Hard to believe it’s been nearly ten months since the last time we saw each other. Homesickness will well up, but we’ll pick up right where we left off as we always do, and always will.

There will be trips to the city to window-shop, and trips to the country to soak in the history. We’ll find plenty to do in the kitchen, with requests taken for a homemade bread, apple-y dessert, Tandoori chicken, and the traditional Friday night pizza. Board games, movies with popcorn, planting fall flowers, weaving ridiculous stories, and sharing a ton of laughs over great wine are a must. And there has to be at least one morning at our favorite cafe/bookstore to caffeinate and sniff the pages before a leisurely walk along the Atlantic.

This visit we’re finally getting out to Raleigh. I already have a long list of local goodies to buy from the farmer’s market: apples for that dessert, eggplant and okra for our Indian feast, cherry tomatoes and fresh feta for pizza, salad-y and more sturdy greens because we always need these, pears and persimmons just because. Then it’s off to explore downtown, and over to a historic park to hike a while before we settle on a grassy spot for our picnic lunch. If they’re game for more, sampling a flight at a brewery in Wake Forest, or snagging a growler of western North Carolina hard cider for tasting at home. It should be a good time!

And with luck, we can find the season’s last corn and stone fruit at a market stalls to make what might be my favorite salad of the year.

Stone fruit mozz corn salad

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