Three Salads for Your Holiday Table

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Just one short week stands between us and the string of winter holidays beginning with Thanksgiving. As the planning commences, why not consider adding a salad to your menus?

This time of the year, when the days darken and the chill creeps in, I find the striking colors and flavors of the season to be an even more important part of the mealtime ritual — a kind of physical and mental reinvigoration. Beginning with good quality fresh, seasonal ingredients, these recipes offer balance and lightness to otherwise heavy meals. Not only that, each on its own is a balance of flavors, colors and textures, and could stand as a light lunch as well.

Show your festive tables and your guests a little extra love these holidays with something beautiful and healthy!

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Weekly Suppers: 27 – 31 July

Eat Well Edibles From the Author

This post is part of a series giving you a glimpse into what finds its way onto our plates Monday through Friday. I hope it not only provides recipe inspiration, but also motivation for you to integrate meal planning and more home-cooking into your own healthy lifestyles.

Weekly Suppers: 27 – 31 July

Bon appetit!

MondayMeatless Monday

An almost exact Ottolenghi soba noodle bowl with tiny cubes of the sweetest, ripest local cantaloupe in place of the mango. Everything else the same, boosting the amount chillies, basil and cilantro.

Tofu gobi masala_HGN

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