Mondo Butter

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Why commit to a single nut or seed for butter when you can have six in one?

Sweet cashews offset the mildly tannic walnuts. Macadamias are a rich splurge in all senses of the word, but they are so smooth and buttery, perfect for blending. Sesame adds its distinctive (and ironic) “nuttiness,” flax offers that hippie-earthy vibe, and because sunflower seeds can come off as bitter to some, a small amount adds to the creaminess and nutrition.

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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Jingle Bells

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

We know some of my husband’s thoughts on dessert, but ask for his Christmas must-have: “Mom’s peanut butter balls.”

There were literal gasps of disbelief when I confessed that these oh-so-sweet, chocolate-drenched treats were completely unknown to me until trading my last name for his. And during our first holiday with his family it became apparent that — like my mum’s kringle — they’re essential to the dessert table, and relatives practically mutiny if absent.

No doubt hers will forever remain the best in his eyes, but for the years we’re not able to make it home to Wisconsin, it’s up to me to keep Christmas traditions alive.

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Kitchen DIY: Homemade Roasted Peanut Butter

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

It might seem like it — today’s post notwithstanding — but I don’t make everything from scratch.

I do, however, believe in eating foods as close to nature as possible, meaning those prepared with little or no unnecessarily added salt, sugar, oil/fat, preservatives or artificial flavors. Don’t get me wrong; there are certainly many times and places where packaged and processed foods can and do play a role in our kitchen. In general, experimenting with homemade versions of basic (and some not-so-basic) staples is something I simply enjoy doing. And even better, I feel good about providing these to my family.

One such food: nut butter.

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