Whole Wheat-ish Ciabatta Bread

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Ciabatta — the light and airy “slipper bread” of Italy — used to be reserved as a special treat if we visited an Italian market.

My first taste of homemade was actually during a trip to see my husband, then boyfriend, as a new dating couple. He pulled out all the culinary stops for me, including homemade ciabatta, brioche, bagels and baguette, among many other delicious, memorable foods and meals. His willingness to try new ingredients and experiment in the kitchen are two of the things that sold me. I mean, a guy who bakes his own bread? Well done, Sir.

A few weekends ago I relived those times and gave ciabatta another whirl, baking two loaves plus a handful of rolls. (I think his were prettier…)

Ciabatta loaves + rolls

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Homemade Grahams

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Graham crackers are often dismissed as plain and simple. This really isn’t an unfair description, but plain and simple doesn’t automatically mean boring. Quite the contrary, if you ask me, and there is perhaps no food that better epitomizes my childhood.

True to my nature of re-imagining recipes, these grahams feature more nutritious ingredients and a few twists, yet still maintain the basic character and flavor of the ones we grew up with.

(For the record, Bon Appetit, it’s graham cracker mush; not soup.)


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Preserving Fresh Flavors + Rosemary Olive Oil

Eat Well Edibles Grow Well Recipe

The sky is clear and the sun is magnificent. With the recent rains, the greens are gradually returning — yellows, pinks and whites of the azaleas not far behind. Spring!

Passionate about nature and gardening, I love incorporating the fresh, healthy flavors that grow around me. To celebrate the advent of this season of renewal and joy, I’m sharing a recipe that truly expresses my love.

Made at least a dozen times throughout the year, I consider homemade herb oils an invaluable addition to my kitchen. Variance with the supply from our beds and pots provides an opportunity to explore new herbs regularly, and preserve the flavors and aromas of fresh herbs. Among our favorites are oregano, chive, sage and rosemary.