Herb + Onion All-Meatballs (Grain-Free + Egg-Free)

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Back in the Midwest our supper table saw its fair share of ground beef: sloppy joes and tacos, meatloaf, Hamburger Helper. In the round, however, our exposure was limited to Grandma’s occasional porcupine meatballs — beef and rice balls cooked and served in a seasoned tomato sauce. I want to think the secret ingredient was love, but have a sneaking suspicion it was condensed tomato soup. Regardless, wonderful, and a fun little glimpse into my late 80s and early 90s upbringing.

Then, a ways down the road, palates slightly more mature, came the introduction to Totero’s. It was a veritable step out of southeastern Wisconsin and into southern Italy, with as few frills as possible, in the best way imaginable. Sadly shuttered in 2014 after 75 years, this priceless gem and its family’s infallible, no-nonsense red sauce and cue ball-sized meatballs live on in memory to inspire great recipes.

Like this!

herby grain-free meatballs

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Summer Squash Ribbons with Sage and Manchego

Eat Well Edibles Grow Well Recipe

Many a summer lunch or light supper is built from what we pick from the garden or what’s beautiful at the farm stands, celebrating the fresh food and flavors this season of plenty has to offer. And now is the time for the slender, thin-skinned squashes to shine as brightly as their golden yellows and vibrant greens do in the hot sun.

I have a particular affinity for the yellow summer squash — so pleasant, there’s little need to fuss beyond slicing.

Summer squash salad_HGN
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Summer Sip Upgrade: Wild Blackberry Negroni

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The story goes that this classic cocktail was invented in Florence by a guy with the last name of Negroni. It was originally served in Italy as an aperitivo — a beverage, typically something bitter, taken before supper both to socialize and to stimulate hunger. Equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, the Negroni is all at once bitter, sweet and smooth.

And as you might surmise from the short, yet potent ingredient list, it’s no shrinking violet.

This Sunday 21 June is both Father’s Day and the official start of summer — the longest day of the year. I won’t get to spend it with my own dad, or my husband or his dad for that matter. Still, a virtual clink is in order, and while all three are particularly appreciative of a well-made G&T, I’m offering a kickier twist: Wild Blackberry Negroni.

Wild Blackberry Negroni_HGN
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