Smoked Salmon Kedgeree with Spinach, Green Peas and Leek

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Paella, risotto, biryani, bibimbap, fried rice, arroz con pollo. The world over, fluffy grains of rice shine in familiar classics — from Spain to Japan and nearly every culture between.

A product of the British occupation of India, kedgeree takes its origin from a simple rice and lentil dish called khichari. The Anglo-Indian colonials, apparently fond of rice dishes with lots of garnishes, often served small plates of cold cooked fish, onion, and hard-boiled eggs alongside more mildly spiced versions of khichari in their homes. Eventually everything merged into one bowl, the smoked fish and/or egg replacing lentils, and kedgeree was born.

Kedgeree with salmon

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Savor the Flavor of Eating Right + Chipotle Vanilla Smoked Salmon

Eat Well Edibles National Nutrition Month Recipe

We all need food to survive. But food is about more than just eating.

In my opinion, life is better with food prepared with a focus on freshness and flavor, made with love, and taken in good company — even if the food is repurposed leftovers and the company is your cats. It’s about pleasure as much as fuel, embracing nourishing options and healthy practices, not restriction or austerity.

All of these things bring me great joy. To me, this year’s National Nutrition Month® theme Savor the Flavor of Eating Right matches my own beliefs that if you relish the present, you nourish the future. With a focus on making healthy eating synonymous with eating well, the theme encourages creativity and exploration of new foods, cuisines, and cooking techniques to keep taste buds happy.

Brined chipotle vanilla salmon

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Cooking Fish in Parchment + Salmon and Veg en Papillote

Eat Well Edibles Grow Well Recipe

French for ‘in paper,’ cooking en Papillote is a lovely method that everyone should know about.

Because parchment is grease- and moisture-resistant, the contents of sealed packets cook using trapped moist heat in a dry heat environment. Aromatics like vegetables, herbs, spices, citrus and wine reinforce moisture and infuse layer upon layer of flavor with minimal need for fat, keeping it healthful and light. Bonus: Clean-up is tossing away the paper!

I encourage you to focus on good quality ingredients when using simple techniques to let them truly shine and make your dining experience extra special. The recipe I have for you today begins with beautiful salmon fillets from our wonderful waterside fish market.

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