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Greetings! How are you? We’ve been on the go non-stop after returning earlier this week from six full days exploring Denver, Boulder and the surrounding mountains with three generations of my husband’s family.

Flatirons Boulder

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An Ireland Travelogue + Beer-Steamed Mussels with Cabbage, Leeks and Smoky Bacon

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There’s something magical about Ireland.

Dun Briste

Dun Briste, Downpatrick Head, County Mayo, Ireland

We fell madly in love during our holiday earlier this year, gaining a special fondness for the country’s western coast affectionately known as the Wild Atlantic Way. Its fresh sea air, bracingly powerful winds, fields of scrubby heather, near-daily rainbows, and millions of scruffy sheep. Its rugged shores, dramatic cliffs and breathtaking views. Its universal small-town feeling and general friendliness graciously extended to wayfaring strangers.

Unsurprisingly we frequently found ourselves deep in conversation with the locals – typically about eating and drinking, preferably over a bowl of something steamy or a pint of something dark and frothy. In addition to their excellence at preparing their bounty skillfully and serving it generously, the Irish speak with intense pride about the things they grow, raise, harvest, make, brew and cook. There is literally a story behind every mouthful, and we attempted to unravel each.

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Owing to the inability to travel anywhere in a straight line around here, my new commutes around North and South Carolina meander between interstates and back roads. These are typically the fastest options, but given a choice, part of me will always seek out the quiet, forgotten highways, passing through beautiful countryside and small towns.

I may travel some 800 miles out and back in one weekend — that’s a lot of time to observe the beating heart of America. This time of the year it’s mostly winter-brown fields, oddly vibrant green horse paddocks, densely wooded swaths of loblolly pines. The road can be a lonely place, but the audiobooks are plentiful and the scenery truly does not disappoint. So much so I’m frequently reminding myself there’s a set timeline, and stopping multiple times to photograph a rustic farm or sunrise is not wise. Perhaps I’ll start leaving earlier…

Deep Bottom Road

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