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This post is brought to you by the letters C-O-F-F-E-E. 

In a short while I’ll leave for the city to collect my husband from the airport. Unlike my several days away this week, his work travels were slightly further afield: Japan! The simple way I would figure out our time difference (13 hours ahead) was to add an hour, then flip the AM/PM. Almost the exact opposite, and the really crazy thing — he is, at this very moment, essentially flying back in time en route to his first stop at O’Hare. I should’ve told him to write down the winning lottery numbers…

Needless to say, when his plane lands here mid-afternoon (pre-dawn there), a jet-lagged zombie he will be. Though I can thankfully keep my routine weekly travels to the same time zone/half of the world, I’m also pooped. Coffee for me, rest for him. Probably rest for me, too, then more rest for him. This should be a rollicking weekend!

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