Multi-Grain + Seed English Muffins

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

With a little advance planning and patience, but not too much, homemade English muffins enhance any simple morning (or afternoon or evening) at home (or picnic or other gathering)!

This recipe, modified to our liking over many years, has become our standard. Replete with whole grains and seeds, it’s the fluffy comfort classic sneakily made healthier.

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Rosemary Semolina Bread

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

In any of the thousands of its references in writing from ancient times to present, bread is almost always symbolic of hospitality, tradition, contentment, safety, love, home. Greece to Pakistan to Finland and everywhere between, this humble, common item holds a place of influence and honor. It shows that despite vast cultural and geographical diversity, we are all not so different from one another.

This is an encouraging thought, and has influenced my desire to learn about and experiment with the many types of breads from every corner of the globe. Add to that my appreciation for the catharsis of kneading, rolling and shaping. To me the baking and enjoyment of fresh bread provides great happiness and is a true form of nourishment.

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