Plantain Tortillas

Eat Well

We lived a hop, skip and a jump from the Texas-Mexico border on and off for several years, absorbing the super-heated sun’s rays, the colorful surroundings, the local culture and cuisine — the extraordinary tortillas, in particular. Whether at a sit-down restaurant or a run-down truck in the long-closed tire shop parking lot, they were as close to perfection as you could find without traveling further south. Tender and pliable, yet sturdy enough to withstand soupier fillings. Not too thick, not too thin. Always warm and fresher than fresh, pressed only minutes before landing in front of us.

As soon as possible I learned the time-tested methods for both corn and flour, purchased the requisite ingredients and tools, and haven’t looked back since. The origin story of a tortilla snob, perhaps, but nothing compares to handmade.

A recent addition to our routine line-up: plantain tortillas. Yes, they’re unconventional, but they’re also worthy of your experimentation. And if you’re new to plantains, this recipe is a good starter. Made from a handful of basic ingredients, these tortillas are surprisingly simple with flavor and good looks that speak for themselves.

Plantain tortillas_HGN

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