Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Resources
Organizations and Associations

American Cancer Society
American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) — facts sheets and info on general women’s health, preconception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum issues
American Diabetes Association
American Heart Association
Baby GooRoo
Environmental Working Group (EWG) — guides on foods high/low in pesticides, “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen,” and BPA + other environmental hazards to watch for
Food Allergy Resource & Education
Fruits and Veggies More Matters
International Lactation Consultation Association — find a Lactation Consultant near you
La Leche League International
Let’s Move
March of Dimes
National Eating Disorders Organization
Office on Women’s Health — from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
PCOS Nutrition
Resolve: The National Infertility Association
Vegetarian Resource Group — information on both vegetarian and vegan nutrition

Nutrition, Food and Recipes
Find Me Gluten Free — iPhone + Android, searchable database of gluten-free friendly businesses, plus option for in-app sharing of GF finds with friends or the Gluten Free Me community
Fooducate — iPhone + Android (premium + gluten-free/allergies upgrades available for Android), explains food labels to help consumers make healthy choices
Garden Time Planner — iPhone + Android, Burpee app
Grocery IQ — iPhone + Android, grocery lists with barcode scanning, favorite items, and coupons
Is My Food Safe? — iPhone + Android, helps you reduce risk of food poisoning while preparing foods safely in the kitchen, at the grill or in the office
Seafood Watch — iPhone + Android, recommendations for sustainable, safe seafood and sushi

Wellness and Fitness
Daily Mile — iPhone + Android, training log and motivation for runners, cyclists, triathletes and other active people
Headspace — iPhone only, meditation and mindfulness
MyFitnessPal — iPhone + Android, meal and fitness tracker with support and motivation

Maternal Health
I’m Expecting — iPhone + Android
My 9 Months — iPhone only, March of Dimes app
My Pregnancy Today — iPhone + Android, BabyCenter app

Healthy Lifestyle
Dinner Time — iPhone + Android, app allowing parents to unobtrusively set reminders on kids’ devices for Dinner Time, Bed Time and Take a Break

I’m frequently asked questions about the design and development of my website and blog. It was 100% created by me — an incredibly steep learning curve, but clearly not impossible! If you’re interested in going this route yourself, it will require a great deal of time, effort, and coffee. That being said, it was the good kind of challenging and so rewarding to finally see the site come to fruition.

I created this list to share which products and services have been most beneficial for me in the various phases of building this site. As HGN grows and evolves, and new resources are found, I will update the list to match. Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions!

Framework + Maintenance

Bluehost — A website hosting platform with free domain name registration, affordable hosting rates, phenomenal customer support, and allows you to quickly and easily set up a WordPress site and/or blog.

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WordPress — In my opinion WP is by far the most user-friendly content management system (CMS) for websites and blogs. With Bluehost it’s easily installed with a few clicks, and is totally free. There are an endless number of free WP plugins to improve your site, as well as free themes to use as a platform (though I still prefer ThemeForest for this). You can also expect efficient, quick customer support here.

CloudFlare — A cheap, dependable service that provides protection for your website in the cloud, and ultimately helps your website run faster and more efficiently.

Amazon — Recommended Reading carousel on blog sidebar. Very user-friendly, and a clean presentation.

WordPress Plugins

WP Editorial Calendar — If, like me, you suffer from too many ideas all at once, the free WP Editorial Calendar can be your saving grace. This basic plugin allows you to schedule your posts, view and change your monthly plan as needed, and ultimately helps you be more efficient and effective.

Easy Recipe — A free WP plugin that presents recipes in a pleasing, clean format, giving visitors the option to print, rate and save. On the back-end it’s very simple and straightforward, with the formatting already in place. For an upgrade, you can include photos and more heavily format the recipes.

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